Smile.Tech Robótica

An Innovator in Manipulation Robot Manufacturing

Our robots are being used in part assembly, fruit packaging, chocolate dispensing, education, entertainment and much more

We Engineer

Developing our own robots enables Smile.Tech to create solutions specifically tailored for our customers requirements.

We Manufacture

In house production allows us the delivery of products with the right balance between features, reliability and cost.

We Integrate

Our team has the capability to deliver complete systems centered around robotics. We create systems for virtually all industries.

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The Right Choice

Have a robotics application? Call us today! Our team will engineer the solution that best fits your requirements. We can also support you in projects that integrate our robots.

MP: Fernando Figueiredo


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Office Contacts

We work daily to prepare the best tools to suit your needs in robotics.

Rua de Bélgica
4400-055 Vila Nova de Gaia
Porto Portugal
+351 966 008 111

Rua de Bélgica, 3213

4400-055 Vila Nova de Gaia

Porto - Portugal


Rua de Bélgica, 3213

4400-055 Vila Nova de Gaia

Porto - Portugal

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