Smile.Tech Robótica


Our Services

We Engineer

Developing our own robots enables Smile.Tech to create solutions specifically tailored for our customers requirements.

We Manufacture

In house production allows us the delivery of products with the right balance between features, reliability and cost.

We Integrate

Our team has the capability to deliver complete systems centered around robotics. We create systems for virtually all industries.


We can integrate our robots in turn-key solutions for our customers, whom can simply specify their requirements and leave the rest to us, or can be part of the design or development process. 

MD: Fernando Figueiredo


Sometimes no robot in the market is quite right for an application! One model is too small, another one has a payload way above what is required, there simply is no fit.

Smile.Tech has a parametric version of each robot, effectively, we can trade payload for more workspace, workspace for accuracy and vice versa. Contact us, together we can find a solution.


When a robot is not enough, we got you covered!

Most applications require more then robotics, at least one of the following functions is required for the application:

  • User interface
  • Vision systems for identification, classification, tracking, bar code reading or OCR.
  • Access control
  • Data logging
  • Database connections
  • Remote notification
robots manufactured
robot joints built
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robot joint work hours
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