Smile.Tech Robótica


FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Smile.Tech Robótica Platform Open Source?

Partially yes, there are some components of the STRP that are open source. To assure a safe monetization, success of our business model and a high quality perception of our brand, others are closed.

Open Source:

  • remote – Remote Control Software
  • STEEZ – Smile.Tech Eye EZ
  • All Robot Designs
  • Grippers
  • Conveyors
  • Feeders
  • All peripheral designs 


  • virtu3D – (for now)
  • ReTRoC – Real Time Robot Controller
  • RoSteC – Robotic Stepper Controller
  • BEAR – Belt Elastic Actuator For Robotics

Do I need a control cabinet for the power supplies, robot and motor controllers?

 No, all required controllers and power supply are on board the robot itself.

Can the STRP Robots be powered by batteries?

Yes,  power voltage to the robot can be anything from 10VDC to 24VDC, if logic is separated from motor supply, the latter can go up to 45VDC.

What is the difference between a Collaborative Robot and an Inherently Safe Robot?

According to the norm ISO/TS 15066 (Collaborative Robots) – A collaborative robot is a device that is equipped with safety controllers that can limit force, velocity and position whenever in the presence of a human, thus protecting him from harm.

According to the norm ISO 10218-1 (Robots and Robotic Devices) – An inherently safe robot is a device that ins incapable of moving by it’s own means with force, velocity or to a position that can harm a human being.


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