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ReTRoC Vacuum M10 and M11 Functions

ReTRoC (Real Time Robot Controller) now has an easy to use intelligent vacuum pump controller. Connecting a pump, a release valve and a vacuum sensor to the controller it is possible to activate the pump with energy saving features with an M10 instruction:

M10 Q10 K0 P800 S100 T700 R1.5


  • Q: Output channel (0-AO0; 10-DO0; 11-DO1)
  • K: Analog input feedback (0-AI0)
  • P: Threshold value (0 to 4095)
  • S: Hysteresis (0 to 4095)
  • T: Output PWM (-4095 to 4095)
  • R: Timeout (0-means no timeout)

And the instruction M11 turns the vacuum off

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